About Us


Who are you?

I’m just a fan of the National Hockey League who loves player statistics and trades.

What is an “ex pat”?

It’s short for expatriate, which the Oxford dictionary defines as, “A person who lives outside their native country.”

What is this site?

It’s a database of players who have changed teams in a given year. Players move all the time: they’re traded, signed as free agents, and picked up on waivers. NHL EXPATS allows you to track basic statistics for players who have changed teams in the current year. It also allows you to track players who changed teams during the off season.

Who is this site for?

NHL statistic junkies, fantasy hockey people, bloggers, and journalists.

I have an idea for a feature.

Great! I hope this site evolves over time as a fantastic resource for people who track NHL stats. Use the contact form in the footer to send me a note. This site is maintained with a backend server that collects NHL player statistics in realtime. There are many possible applications.